04 April 2020 Welcome GuestVolume 12 No 46
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Salt of the Earth
The World Health Organization recommends a reduction in sodium intake to reduce blood pressure and risk of cardiovascular disease, stroke and coronary heart disease in adults. Hence it recommends that adults consume less than 5g (just under a teaspoon) of salt per day. But uniform level of salt intake for all could not be scientific.
Vol.12 No.46 Jan. 2020
Ravi Shankar
Consciousness in Matter
Consciousness is an enigma that we are intimately familiar with but unable to define or measure. The Science of Consciousness is an attempt to come to grips with this magical entity called consciousness.
Vol.12 No.46 Jan. 2020
Issues, Inputs
Thomas Mathew
Yoga Psychology
In modern days, lifestyle disease is a common term in the medical field. But the “right lifestyle” is not yet clearly defined. A probable definition for wrong lifestyle is change in daily routine and food habits.
Vol.12 No.46 Jan. 2020
Rachit Shah
Isaacs’ Syndrome
Isaacs' Syndrome is a rare neuromuscular disorder with just 100-200 cases being reported so far. The author, a victim of Isaacs' Syndrome himself, enumerates his travails since the onset of the disease and how he has learnt to cope with it. He has not let the disease batter his spirits.
Vol.12 No.46 Jan. 2020
Richard Smith
Medical Professionalism and Climate Change
The Royal College of Physicians identifies seven professional roles that doctors must fill—as healers, patient partners, team workers, managers and leaders, advocates, learners and teachers, and innovators
Vol.12 No.46 Jan. 2020
S. Indira Acharya
Detoxification through Yoga Shatkarma
Human body is akin to a machine. It has to be well maintained for better efficiency. Wastes like mucus, gas, acid, sweat, urine and stool are produced in the body. The body may be left with some residual toxins that clog various channels causing discomfort. Hence periodical cleansing is essential.
Vol.12 No.46 Jan. 2020
Veganism for Healthy Living

The immense health benefits, veganism offer, have indeed steered many towards this way of living – that seeks to exclude animal products as far as possible and practicable, particularly in diet.
Vol.12 No.46 Jan. 2020
There’s Always Light at the End of the Tunnel

Around 800000 people die due to suicide every year. It translates into one person every 40 seconds! Besides, for every suicide there are many more people who attempt suicide. An alarming fact, indeed.
Vol.12 No.46 Jan. 2020

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