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Tributes to Rustum Roy
Tribute to that legend, Professor Rustum Roy, a true humanitarian.
It is a sad day for all of us, who loved Late Professor Rustum Roy, as he is no more in our midst to guide us. He is in the world of the dead blessed by the Lord. It is said that there is an unbreakable bridge of human love that connects the world of the living with that of the dead. Therefore, all of us could keep loving Professor Roy as long as we live.
Rustum’s only investment was his clean reputation in science and humanism, following on the advice of Walt Whitman:
“Character and personal force are the only investments that are worth anything.”
His life was simple but thinking was high. He did not build big houses but helped build great men and women of science who have spread across the globe working for the good of society at large.
Death being the only certainty in life, no one can expect to live here for ever. Rustum lived a full life and died in harness. The beauty of his life was that even in the face of death, he was as cool as he used to be and was seriously thinking of doing something for the good of others. In my opinion he was the first world leader in science who brought a humane face to heartless science. As a scientist he was peerless, receiving all the accolades that this world could bestow. The Nobel did miss him, and to that extent the Nobel Prize is poorer. The prestige of the Nobel would have gone up if he had received it. “It is better to deserve than to get,” wrote Winston Churchill. I dare say that no one deserved the Nobel more than Rusty.
Rustum was truly a great and a genuine friend. He did not use his friendship for personal gain. Friendship was Rustum’s weakest point. That makes the man the strongest according to Abraham Lincoln:
“If friendship is your weakest point, then you are the strongest person in the world.”
Rustum lived by the tenets of the Isopanishad: “Thena Thyakthena Bhunjithaaha.” (Rejoice in giving) That was what Jesus preached as well. Rustum believed only in giving. He made no distinction of caste, religion, creed, race or colour in his love for humanity. He was a true citizen of the world-Vishwa Manava. Rustum was a judicious blend of the art of science and spirituality at its best. His concept of God was that of a super-consciousness that runs this world. He used his scientific wisdom to help humankind. That is what took him to explore and demolish the malignant myths in the modern medical science. He could rightly be termed the father of modern medical renaissance in the 21st century. Rustum’s definition of healing, Whole Person Healing (WPH), was accepted by the Institute of Medicine in its February, 2010 meeting in Washington. “This is of greater significance to mankind than man landing on the moon,” wrote Rustum following that momentous meeting! This heralds a new era in post modern medical scenario which would, in future, be more human and humane, to do most good to most people most of the time. The best tribute that each one of us could pay to Rustum is to work for the mission Rustum had set for himself of excellence in every field and of using our knowledge and wisdom to help mankind.
An affectionate husband that Rustum was, Della will miss him for the rest of her life. While praying Almighty God to give her the courage to bear this irreplaceable loss, we should also give her the same support and assistance that we gave when Rustum was with us in blood and flesh. A doting father to his three sons, he was a bit concerned in his later years about the future of his last son, a passionate photographer, who did not land a good job but was still freelancing. He used to discuss that with me on many occasions recently. God would show his son the way forward in return to the good Karma that Rustum did in his life.
A true friend in need, we all would miss him a lot. It is a personal loss to me of no small measure as he was my mentor in the last one decade. I have been orphaned now with the new journal which he founded with me, has to be tended single handed by me. I am sure God will help there too.
Rustum’s life was so great that it becomes difficult even to imagine that such a man could ever have walked on this earth in blood and flesh! One can never compare Rustum with any one on this planet. As the sea can only be compared to the sea and the sky to only the sky, Rustum can only be compared to Rustum and no one else. He was a legend of a teacher and was like the promontory on the sea as described by Marcus Auralius, the great Roman Emperor, in his book Meditations, thus:
“Be like the promontory against which the waves continually break, but it stands firm and tames the fury of the water around it.”
Rustum’s death could be best described in the words the philosopher, Mathew Arnold, in his Empedocles of Etna, thus:
“To the elements it came from,
Everything will return.
Our bodies to earth,
Our blood to water,
Heat to fire,
Breath to air.”
Let us hope, like Lucian of Samosata did, that Rustum’s body was taken to directly to heaven, as Lucian reassessed the death of Empedocles 1826:
“Rather than being incinerated in the fires of Mount Etna, he was carried up into the heavens by a volcanic eruption. Although a bit singed by the ordeal, Empedocles survives and continues his life on the moon, surviving by feeding on dew.”
Rustum’s reputation has already made him immortal! May God rest his soul in eternal peace! May he become Jeevanmuktha.
Professor BM Hegde.
A Great Humanitarian
Dr. Rustum Roy was one of the top minds, humanitarians, and materials scientists in the world, a great friend and ally of Qigong. A few of his spectacular accomplishments include being inducted into the Russian Academy of Science; being awarded by the Emperor of Japan for having invented a material that saved millions of dollars for Japan and establishing the finest materials science lab in the world at Penn State University.
Supported by his loving wife and colleague, Della, his commitment to Whole Person Healing included founding “Friends of Health”, “Campaign for Better Health” partnering with notable visionaries such as Deepak Chopra, Larry Dossey, Bob Duggan, Jim Turner, et. al., to create better health and world for all people. He hosted a weekly radio program (with Alison Rose Levy) “Whole Person Healing”on Voice America. He has been a staunch supporter of the wholistic concepts of Qigong and Traditional Chinese Medicine, founded the World Congress on Qigong/TCM with me, is on-going chair, and has carried out many research studies on some of the top Qigong masters in the world.
With Dr. B.M. Hegde, he founded The Journal of the Science of Healing Outcomes. His philosophy was to use natural medicine including Qigong and TCM to save millions of lives as we are researching, not wait until modern western medicine's evidence-based research validates a system that has already been effective for millenniums. When he heard and personally witnessed the miracle healings that were taking place with Chow Medical Qigong at East West Academy of Healing Arts, he always made me take heed when he said “Yes, YOU can do the miracle healings, but can you train people to do what you do? That is the important factor!” And now I can answer my dear friend, “Yes, I heard you and yes my students are creating miracle healings too….thank you for being my great teacher and friend. You will always be with us, continuing to inspire, make us think and be true to the truth.” Thank you, Rustum.
Effie Chow
The Founder of a New Paradigm
Decease of Professor Rustum Roy is the great loss for Science and for so many people who loved and respected him so much! He was a very rare personality who managed to combine harmonically the great intellectual power, the great spiritual power, deep understanding of people and love to them, the desire to help all those who needs such help, wisdom, and brave adherence to the principles not shared by the conformist majority. Due to Rustum Roy creativity and his indisputible authority the atmosphere in science started to change and I believe that the new generation of scientists will acknowledge Rustum as one of the founders of the new paradigm.
Vladimir Voeikov
Inventive Thinker
Just after Dr. Roy published one of his important articles on homeopathy, he participated in a press conference sponsored by the National Center for Homeopathy. One of the reporters at this press conference was from the respected scientific magazine, "The New Scientist." This reporter initially startled all of us by asserting that he previously worked and wrote for "Nature" magazine, but then, he noted that in order to get that job, one of the editors at "Nature" posed a difficult technical question to him for which he was required to read one of Dr. Roy's articles. The reporter noted that Dr. Roy solved a very complex question in a sophisticated fashion, and because this reporter was able to convey Dr. Roy's wisdom to his interviewer at "Nature," he got the job.
This reporter told Dr. Roy that he had followed his career ever since and has been consistently impressed by his scholarship and inventive thinking. The reporter wrote an impressively positive article about homeopathy and the work of Dr. Rustum Roy, entitled "Water: The Quantum Elixir" -- html OR
For those of us involved in homeopathy, it is impressive that the editors at "Nature" had enough respect for Dr. Roy that they used some of his work in material sciences to determine whether to employ science writers (sadly but predictably, the editors at "Nature" have changed their attitudes towards Dr. Roy even since he expressed special appreciation and respect for homeopathic medicine, once again proving the problems inherent in fundamentalism of various sorts, including scientific fundamentalism).
Despite Dr. Roy's advancing age, he maintained strong and sharp intellectual capacities to the very end... Evidence of his mental acuity is the fact that for the past couple of years he has co-hosted an truly excellent internet radio show with Huffingtonpost blogger Alison Rose Levy called "WHOLE PERSON HEALING via BODY MIND SPIRIT" -- The list of guests that he and Alison interviewed on this show represent a who's who in "whole person healing.” (this website is full of useful information and links)
As a materials scientist, he understood that it is not simply necessary to understand the chemical composition of a substance but to understand its structure. He commonly noted that the strongest mineral in the world is the diamond, which is made of pure carbon. He then also notes that the weakest mineral in the world is graphite, which is also made out of pure carbon. His lesson here is that the structure of a substance is critical. Dr. Roy then asserts that the bubbles and nano-bubbles that occur from the shaking of double-distilled water charges the water pressure in glass vials to attain 10,000 atm (atmospheres). Making a homeopathic medicine in this highly pressurized water is NOT the same thing as simple water.
Dr. Roy was known to call people who deny the wide variety of scientific evidence for homeopathy to be "homeophobes." He laughed at their ignorance about homeopathy and about real science, though he was saddened by their extreme arrogance. He was so full of light and wisdom.
Dana Ullman
Innovative Mind
It was a privilege and pleasure to have known him. He was one of the world's greatest materials scientists. He was exceptionally creative and innovative. I am based in Cambridge, England, so I did not meet him that often, but when we did meet it was always a great pleasure to talk with him and he was a very stimulating man to be with. He will be greatly missed, both as a person and as a scientist, by many people around the world.
A Pioneer
Rustum was a pioneer and passionate servant of humanity with tremendous courage. He was unique. I always had a sense that he would live forever. Perhaps he will if we attend to the message he delivered.
Wayne B. Jonas, M.D.
Vibrant Person
I am so sad to hear of his passing. He was such a healthy and vibrant person and the last time I saw him I thought he would live forever because he was so full of energy...
Leslie & Bill Elkus
Missing you, Rustum
He will surely be missed. I brought a card yesterday when I got the news he was in hospice that I was going to get our group to sign. I wanted to share the words with you:
If there's one thing you can be sure of it's this: whatever comes you won't be alone. You'll have thoughts and prayers surrounding and protecting you every step of the way. So just picture yourself right there in the middle of a big circle of caring...because that's where you are. And there's no safer place to be.
What a loss!
I am so sorry to hear of Rusty's passing. What a loss! He exemplified the best qualities of a scientist, curious, open-minded and feet on the ground, honest and fearless - a rare combination. And he also, for me,exemplified the best qualities of a Christian, kind,considerate, open, non-dogmatic, radical, and strong in faith. And also the best aspects of being Indian, an awareness of history and tradition, a tolerance and appreciation of other faiths, all combined with his personal warmth and humour and enthusiasm. There was no one like him. I will miss him greatly.
Rupert Sheldrake
Rusty's passion
I am sad, but good knowing that Rusty is in peace. He is one of the greatest in professional and personal accomplishments. We will miss his physical presence, but his spiritual presence is even more powerful. I promise to work with all of you to keep Rusty's passion and dedication and the contributions he has made remain alive and progress to its ultimate goal. We have all been on the same path. He is already on another important mission of God's. Our love goes with him and Della and his family and friends.
Ahead of His Times
Rustum Roy was clearly a man ahead of his times. He worked with materials techniques that were supposedly impossible and his work in microwaves was one such example. Time and again Rustum found specific effects based on various electric or magnetic fields strengths at microwave frequencies that others said were impossible. For the last 100 years, scientists taught and believed that the only effects of microwaves were to heat a material, and so Rustum's data on specific effects not related to heating could not be explained. The response of most scientists was to believe that since there was no explanation for the phenomena, it was impossible for the effects to exist. Rustum challenged this common human tendency with his insistence that people “Look at the data!”
Rustum's many years of work on microwave processing techniques with microwaves were vindicated recently. The very foundations of quantum mechanics were shown to be incomplete, and in completing the origins of quantum mechanics begun by Max Planck and Albert Einstein the details behind Rustum's microwave work were revealed. The key to solving the quantum riddle, it turns out, was in Rustum's familiar admonishment to “Read the literature!”. The missing clues were in papers more than 100 years old. His data had been real and correct for years, and thank to Rustum several talks will be presented this year describing not one – but three different mechanisms for the effects of microwaves in materials.
My dear friend and mentor, Rustum Roy was a man ahead of his times, with a firm grasp on the past.
Juliana and Mark Mortenson
Rusty's Army
How could I ever forget my first encounter with Rustum Roy? Covering an Energy Medicine conference, I stood in an empty elevator, up button pressed, and waiting. A second before the doors snapped shut, two men briskly strode into the elevator, absorbed in deep conversation. As the elevator rose, I tried to become invisible—because I found myself eavesdropping on a vigorous dialogue between Deepak Chopra and Rustum Roy.
Thus began my entry into Rusty's morphogenetic field, (non-local informational field, a term articulated by his friend, Rupert Sheldrake.) That was my first taste of the impassioned dialogue, fiery debate, far-reaching cross-fertilization of ideas, and the joy of new discovery—all of which were so central to Rusty's way of being.
Academia isn't noted for 80-something world class National Academy scientists who want to “take over the internet,” as Rusty did. I was beyond grateful to discover our shared passion for informing the public about a new vision of health, and health science. An integrative health journalist for several decades when we met, I found myself drafted into “Rusty's Army,” working with this farsighted pioneer of Whole Person Healing as media director of his and Della's non-profit organization, Friends of Health (FOH). Together we sought direct routes to the public beyond the conventions of marketplace science and media. Through our work he disseminated his wisdom, and I found a steadfast support for honest health journalism. I was blessed to be a student, an observer, and a colleague of a world-class scientist, innovative beyond all categories, and so absorbed in his mission that he barely seemed to notice the decades of life he carried both maturely and lightly.
Soon after our conversations began, John E. Boyle came aboard to make our dialogue—a trio-logue. A Pennsylvania business man, with a strong background in publishing, John offered his steady hand, caring, and wry humor to FOH, becoming its vice-chairman. With initial creative input from James S. Turner, and Robert Duggan, we launched a media outreach project to raise health awareness, advocacy, and activism. Our work covered a wide range of formats. Through Rusty's outspoken blogs, and my regular health blogs at the Huffington Post, we contributed to the debate on health care reform, calling to include integrative therapies. We promoted the works, books, appearances, and conferences of Rusty's circle of FOH health leaders and allies. Rusty's views, long phone calls, and dazzling downloads shaped my outlook and primed my alertness for every teachable opportunity for broadening popular understanding of health, and for awakening health activism on all levels from the personal to the societal.
The FOH media efforts featured the signature radio program, Whole Person Healing, which Rusty developed. In these weekly broadcasts, Rusty's many friends, including Deepak Chopra, Andrew Weil, Larry Dossey, Rupert Sheldrake, B.M. Hegde, and a wide range of world class scientists, wisdom teachers, healers, and health advocates eagerly leapt into the typical Roy-al dialogue I'd heard that first day. These wonderful exchanges are available on-line at:
In early 2010, our FOH efforts shifted, and I began writing a book inspired by Rusty's vision of the core understandings for the health care of the future. Although he won't be here to see its completion, (at least on the material plane), the book is infused with his spirit.
What an engaged and original spirit he shared with us! Forging ideas via probing conversation was Rusty's indelible signature, as many who knew him can attest. Upon the bedrock of a sweet nature, sourced by a pioneering genius, and a broad command of a staggering range of disciplines, sallied forth a rare and authentic scientific hero, undaunted, unafraid to be outrageous, even confrontational, in the fight for truth. His field of science, health, and policy, was as broad as the battlefield of the Mahabharata. With his close friend and colleague, Deepak Chopra, Rusty launched the unique conference, Sages and Scientists, to marry science and spirituality in ongoing dialogue.
Rusty's daring research on the frontiers of science, helped to validate a wide range of healing approaches in energy medicine and non-local healing. Along with his close colleague, B.M. Hegde, he launched this journal, to fill a critical gap in health scientific research. His passion for healing extended beyond his own lab to his championing others.
When it came to nurturing creativity, Rusty had a Midas touch, except that, unlike King Midas, whatever Rusty roy-ally touched came alive, growing beyond the frozen forms of material value, into an alchemy of life, healing, and vibrant interconnection.
In a time that he saw as filled with complacency, Rustum Roy embodied a higher standard of authenticity and truth. He rarely hesitated to show his impatience with any form of corruption, or mindless conformity in science, in journalism, or in public health policy. With many in science and media, confined by narrow, instrumental, and selflimiting specialization, Rusty held a vaster view, along with a limitless ability to provoke, to engage, and to revive the primacy and vibrancy of interdisciplinary dialogue as foundational to scientific creativity, to media exchange, and to global health on all levels of being.
Rusty was a sage, a scientist, and a leader, sallying forth, brandishing a torch of reason, intent upon illuminating the dark and musty corners of prejudice, habit, and faulty understanding—wherever they might be. With refreshing and sometimes alarming candor, he could lay bare the essence. In every conversation and exchange, Rusty imparted his scientific perspective, his penetrating critique of the many shortfalls of our health care system, and his vision for a unified health science.
His powerful sense of continuity and connection with science's onward flowing river of discovery, was both philosophical and visceral, magnetizing others. His deep faith, and intrinsic grasp of the mutual co-arising of science and spirituality called many of us to work together to overcome separation, and to forge unity in science, in health care, and in society. In that ongoing task, many share the blessing of being drafted into “Rusty's Army.” Active duty continues. In his moving tribute to our fearless leader, Rustum Roy, physicist Hans-Peter Duerr affirms that “I will continue to talk to him.”
Ah, good to know, the conversation continues...
Alison Rose Levy
My 'boss' Dr Roy
Professor Rustum Roy (or as I called him, Dr. Roy) became my office 'boss' when I started in 2006 as the 'Managing Editor' for his scientific journal, Materials Research Innovations, which was starting its 10 year in publication. Dr. Roy was then age 82 and usually working 10 am to 6 pm each day.
As a man of vast knowledge and interests, he was always doing something to get this knowledge and these ideas out to the world and with this I helped him…as did his many assistants before me. As a former professor of materials science, he continued to write papers on water and microwaves; and as an advocate of whole person healing, we did conference planning, health paper writing, and newspaper and magazine editorial submissions.
In 2008, he became Co-editor in Chief of this new journal, the Journal of the Science of Healing Outcomes and was instrumental in providing instruction for its creation…as he had already founded some four other journal publications over the years.
His latest project that was very dear to his heart was his weekly Internet talk radio show on We worked closely together to get it started in September 2009 as an outreach of his spreading the word on healing one's body via body, mind and spirit.
His demeanor was sometimes demanding; his follow thru, gentle as a pussycat; his stamina, fast as the energizer bunny; his worth to the world…priceless!
Judy Hazel
Managing Editor, Materials Research Innovations
Assistant Editor, the Journal of the Science of Healing Outcomes
Assistant to Rustum Roy and Alison Rose Levy, Hosts of VoiceAmerica Health & Wellness Talk Radio
To Rustum with love
First I heard about his illness was yesterday via three routes (Don Stewart, and your email and someone phoned Dianne) --- had planned to call today. Had no idea he was so near the moment of transformation. However, in the way of the universe I sensed something over the past two weeks and Susan and I thought about him a lot and sent lots love to him and Della. Thank you for working with him these past years. Please do keep me informed of plan to celebrate his gifts to all of us.
Robert Duggan
My beautiful beloved rustum----i salute you---in this step of your dance with the 'unspeakable divine' you must present yourself---the 'darshan' of your being---and me too, dear friend---you are not more mortal than i am---we are all in this together--one times one---love is the only word big enough to help us be in this world and then to let it go---i love you, darling friend---i am kissing you and della and the whole of your village---our village--our global dwelling place-- mysterious awe---our souls are yoohooing---i am smiling----you are too, dear rustum----
Dianne Connelly
God gave us Rusty
While walking to the terminal I stopped and saw a cross with a bell. I immediately thought of Rusty and Della and their faith. The cross represented his trust and the bell signified that God was calling him home with music and announcing and celebrating Rustys return.
I am thankful he is at peace where there is no pain, suffering, or sadness.
God gave us Rusty, a beautiful gift that kept a child like excitement for discovery!
Carolyn Raffensperger
Great loss....
Yesterday Brian and I put a card in the mail with the attachment poem...feel free to share with the family... Our EL group won't be the same without him....I hope in his new dimension he can assist the group from above, lord knows we need his clear and brilliant mind.
Many blessings,
Arielle Ford
An example of life well lived
I was in meditation at just about that time, sending him light, love and prayers.
I knew Rustum only from the Evolutionary Leaders retreat, but there was no hiding the light he shone! His brilliance and his wit will be sorely missed among us, where he will remain an example of a life well lived.
Rev. Deborah Moldow
I met Rustum Roy at a conference in Japan in the early 1990's and felt a strong connection with him instantly. I loved his warm spirit, good humor, quick intelligence, and open-mindedness. We shared a common vision of medicine of the future, and I was fortunate to count him as a staunch ally in advancing the cause of integrative medicine. He was a great friend and colleague, and I will miss him deeply.
Andrew Weil
Big loss for Science
With great sorrow I have accepted the news of the last breath of Professor Rustum Roy.
This is a big loss for Science and for the Humanity.
Every meeting with Professor Rustum Roy was as a special inspiration creating new insights and new horizons in our own research programs. He had yang inquisitive mind and actively participated in a lot of new revolutionary frontier scientific lines of research. His name will be remembered in science and his achievements will have a further development.
Konstantin G. Korotkov
In our hearts forever
It is hard to imagine that Rusty is not among us anymore but then one realizes that this has not to happen because his warm heart, his lively spirit, his optimistic view for what has to be done for our future will stay with us in a form that can be handed over to the next generations. Our present sadness should disappear if we realize that it reflects our happiness of the times we had the opportunity to share with him.
I will continue to talk to him.
Hans-Peter Duerr
A huge loss for us all
Rustum has been a towering figure of bold scientific leadership, intellectual insight and perceptiveness, passion, drive, and accomplishment in science for the span of his long, remarkable and productive career. I was privileged to know and work with him only in recent years in controversial areas of complementary medicine, where he worked fearlessly to discover scientific truths and to report what he found, regardless of the surrounding controversies the data raised. Rustum feared no barrier, scientific or human, placed in his path. He simply set about to find out the no-nonsense truth. He had a mental versatility and quick expansive intellect that enabled him to get to the heart of a scientific issue with remarkable speed and clarity. Rustum was instantly capable of sizing up a scientific claim and putting it to empirical test. He was a rare blend of scientist with solid logic and rigor – and unabashed passion for communicating his findings. He did not play small or try to avoid political controversies in any field. He had no patience for illogical thinking or for scientists who would not change their beliefs about how the world works, if the empirical data showed them wrong. As the highest tribute to a true scientist, he held himself to the same standard. He gave his time and boundless energy to everything and everyone he encountered. I will sorely miss his booming greeting whenever he called to discuss the latest data or plan the next project. He left a mark that has truly made a difference, and his spirit will live on in the many hearts and minds he touched.
Iris Bell, MD PhD

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